The Stolen Ones by Owen Laukkanen
The blistering new novel from the author of the multi-award-nominated The Professionals —“Laukkanen is one of the best young thriller writers working today” (Richmond Times-Dispatch).

When you’ve got nothing left, you’ve got nothing left to lose.

Cass County, Minnesota: A sheriff’s deputy steps out of a diner on a rainy summer evening, and a few minutes later, he’s lying dead in the mud. When BCA agent Kirk Stevens arrives on the scene, he discovers local authorities have taken into custody a single suspect: A hysterical young woman found sitting by the body, holding the deputy’s own gun. She has no ID, speaks no English. A mystery woman.

The mystery only deepens from there, as Stevens and Carla Windermere, his partner in the new joint BCA–FBI violent crime task force, find themselves on the trail of a massive international kidnapping and prostitution operation. Before the two agents are done, they will have traveled over half the country, from Montana to New York, and come face-to-face not only with the most vicious man either of them has ever encountered—but two of the most courageous women.

They are sisters, stolen ones. But just because you’re a victim doesn’t mean you have to stay one.


"Savage, cathartic...Laukkanen deftly mixes sharp social criticism with bleak white-knuckle suspense."
Publisher's Weekly

"A police procedural with the pulse of a thriller, a page-turner that lifts you up at chapter one and hurls you forward...The prose is clean and clear, and Laukkanen knows when to pull the camera back and let the reader’s imagination take over. In a pleasant twist, this thriller with strong, flawed, and fully fleshed out heroes and villains presents its female victims as equally three dimensional — and resourceful as well."

The Boston Globe.

"Laukkanen’s latest harrowing exploit grips the reader from page one and does not let go until the absorbing, white-knuckle finale. Crime and mystery readers are in for a treat."
The Press Republican

"Looking at the score for The Stolen Ones, it would appear that the future is bright, the future is Owen Laukkanen.
The Book Bag (UK)

Owen Laukkanen excels at writing relentlessly fast-paced action scenes, and this book is full of them, with exceptional final fight scenes. While the plot may feel familiar to those of us steeped in television procedurals, its exposure of the insidious details of sex trafficking, in particular of very young girls, is laudable."
ABC News/Associated Press.

"THE STOLEN ONES will make you a believer if you have never read one of the Stevens and Windermere novels. You will also wonder why Owen Laukkanen is not a household name in the constellation of thriller authors. Read this one (and his backlist) and spread the word. These books are amazing."

"The Stolen Ones is intense and faced-paced with an intriguing storyline. It is thought provoking and raises the question of how anyone can treat another human being so horribly, and their willingness to sell their soul to make money by any means possible."
— Crimespree Magazine

"If you like a good mystery thriller with engaging and likeable characters who aren’t perfect, but at least mean well, and a story that will keep you at the edge of your chair, snatch up The Stolen Ones as soon as it’s available.

But for the full effect, you should really start with The Professionals and read forward, to watch the working relationship between Stevens and Windermere — truly the heart and soul of this series — develop in earnest."
— Jim Tremlett, Schuler Books

"Fans of ­Laukkanen’s The Professionals . . . will be delighted with this fast-moving installment. Here it is not the criminals who are intriguing, but rather the victims who turn out to be far stronger and more remarkable than originally anticipated. Recommended for fans of well-written, thought-provoking thrillers."
— Library Journal

"Stevens and Windermere have worked together before, and if there's justice in the literary world, they will team up on many more cases...Laukkanen is a first-class storyteller."


“...breakneck pacing, scarily plausible evils, and steadily rising stakes..."


"The Stolen Ones is my favorite in the Stevens and Windermere series so far...I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fast-paced exciting and interesting police procedural thriller."
Unrepentant Bibliovores